Sponsors of German OWASP Day 2017

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Author: Dominik Herrmann

This list contains the sponsors of the the event German OWASP Day 2017.

For reference, the list also includes the website of the organization (www.owasp.org).

Source: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/German_OWASP_Day_2017

  •   0 passed all checks
  •   2 failed one or more checks
  •   0 failed all checks within a group
  •   8 failed critical checks

Take the results shown on this page with a grain of salt! Some of our checks may report wrong results.

What is this? This page shows a summary of a machine-generated analysis of several web pages commissioned by a PrivacyScore user. During the analysis it was checked whether the privacy of the visitors is protected on a technical level as well as possible when visiting the given Internet addresses, and whether the operator uses common security mechanisms on the website. This can indicate how seriously an operator takes data protection. However, it is not possible to determine the actual security level achieved.  More details please!

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At the moment we only provide one ranking scheme that consists of the following categories: NoTrack, EncWeb, Attacks, and EncMail. We perform a priorized sort to obtain the ranking: We start with the first category, sorting the sites according to their rating:         . Sites with an identical rating in a category are further sorted considering the next category to the right. This procedure is repeated until all categories have been considered.


# URL Type EncWeb
1 http://www.schutzwerk.com/ (1 failure) / 2020-06-15 @ 13:34:44 Standard
2 http://www.ruhrsec.de/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:34:58 Standard
3 http://www.secuvera.de/ (1 failure) / 2020-06-15 @ 13:41:09 Gold
4 http://www.sicsec.de/ (1 failure) / 2021-11-16 @ 07:51:26 Standard
5 http://www.owasp.org/ (1 failure) / 2020-06-15 @ 13:34:49 Organizer
6 http://modusio.com/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:34:53 Gold
7 http://www.nttsecurity.com/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:34:49 Gold
8 http://www.contextis.com/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:35:14 Standard
9 http://www.mgm-sp.com/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:35:21 Standard
10 http://www.psi.de/ / 2020-06-15 @ 13:35:45 Standard

Sites excluded from scans

Site owners can ask us to not perform further scans of their sites. For reasons of transparency we archive the result of the last successful scan here.

No sites are excluded from scans at the moment.