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Author: Alfred Seufert

A list of commonly available anti-virus software for win, mac, linux, and mobile.

The list of anti-virus software was obtained by the two supplied wikipedia pages. Availablity of platform support was checked against the products page of each website respectively (2018-07-31). A mobile product that only supports VPN protection or password managers were not considered as anti-virus software. The url of the company owning the software is NOT evaluated in this list, only the url of the product page (e.g. '' yes, but not ''). "Microsoft Security Essentials" is not included in this list, since it does not have a dedicated product page url other than If a product page has or redirects the user to a language specific subpage (either subdomain or different top-level domain) the international url was chosen instead.

The 'License' attribute only differentiates between open source and proprietary. 'Free option' is 'yes' if the vendor provides a free version (not trialware!), otherwise 'no' (includes trialware). The next five columns are yes if support for the corresponding platform is available. 'Origin' is the country code the software has originated. 'Products' is just an enumeration of all available consumer products, in case someone want to search for his / her installed version.

  •   0 passed all checks
  •   20 failed one or more checks
  •   1 failed all checks within a group
  •   8 failed critical checks

Take the results shown on this page with a grain of salt! Some of our checks may report wrong results.

What is this? This page shows a summary of a machine-generated analysis of several web pages commissioned by a PrivacyScore user. During the analysis it was checked whether the privacy of the visitors is protected on a technical level as well as possible when visiting the given Internet addresses, and whether the operator uses common security mechanisms on the website. This can indicate how seriously an operator takes data protection. However, it is not possible to determine the actual security level achieved.  More details please!

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At the moment we only provide one ranking scheme that consists of the following categories: NoTrack, EncWeb, Attacks, and EncMail. We perform a priorized sort to obtain the ranking: We start with the first category, sorting the sites according to their rating:         . Sites with an identical rating in a category are further sorted considering the next category to the right. This procedure is repeated until all categories have been considered.


# URL License Free option Windows macOS Linux Android iOS Origin Products NoTrack
1 (3 failures) / 2023-09-23 @ 23:20:35 proprietary no yes no no yes no IL Check Point / ZoneAlarm Antivirus / ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
2 (3 failures) / 2023-09-21 @ 04:21:26 proprietary yes yes yes yes yes no US Comodo Antivirus / Comodo Internet Security / Comodo Mac Security / Comodo Internet Security Linux / Comodo Mobile Security
3 (3 failures) / 2023-09-22 @ 01:49:35 proprietary no yes yes no yes yes US Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus / Symantec Endpoint Protection / Norton
4 (1 failure) / 2023-09-20 @ 19:50:47 open source yes yes yes yes no no US ClamAV / Clam AntiVirus
5 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:22 proprietary yes no no no yes yes US Lookout Mobile Security
6 (1 failure) / 2023-09-23 @ 21:18:20 proprietary yes yes yes no yes no CZ avast! Antivirus / Avast Pro Antivirus / Avast Internet Security / Avast Premier / Avast Mac Security / Avast Mobile Security / Avast Premier Mobile Security
7 (1 failure) / 2023-11-02 @ 13:19:04 proprietary yes yes yes no yes no ES Panda Antivirus / Panda Internet Security / Panda Antivirus for Mac / Panda DesktopSecure for Linux
8 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:45:52 proprietary no yes yes no yes yes DE G DATA Antivirus / G DATA Internet Security
9 / 2023-09-24 @ 09:26:01 proprietary yes yes yes no yes no RU Kaspersky Anti-Virus / Kaspersky Internet Security / Kaspersky Total Security / Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux / Kaspersky Mobile Security / Kaspersky Tablet Security
10 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:15 proprietary no yes yes yes yes no SK ESET NOD32 Antivirus / Internet Security / ESET Smart Security / ESET Cyber Security / ESET File Security for Linux / ESET Mobile Security
11 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:10 proprietary no yes yes no yes no UK BullGuard AntiVirus / BullGuard Mobile Security / BullGuard Internet Security
12 / 2023-09-24 @ 09:24:40 proprietary yes yes yes no yes no CZ AVG Antivirus / AVG Internet Security / AVG Linux Server Edition / AVG AntiVirus for Android
13 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:48:00 proprietary no yes no no yes no CZ TrustPort Antivirus / TrustPort Internet Security / TrustPort Total Protection / TrustPort Mobile Security
14 / 2023-09-24 @ 09:21:56 proprietary yes yes yes no yes yes DE Avira Antivirus / Avira Internet Security / Avira Free Mac Security / Avira Free Android Security
15 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:45:41 proprietary no yes yes no yes no RO Bitdefender Antivirus / Bitdefender Internet Security / Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac / Bitdefender Mobile Security
16 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:45:32 proprietary no yes yes no yes yes US McAfee VirusScan / McAfee Antivirus / McAfee Internet Security / McAfee Mobile Security
17 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:02 proprietary yes yes no no no no RU NANO Antivirus
18 / 2023-09-24 @ 09:24:33 proprietary no yes yes no yes no FI F-Secure Anti-Virus / F-Secure Internet Security / F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac / F-Secure Linux Security / F-Secure Mobile Security
19 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:09 proprietary yes yes yes no yes yes US Malwarebytes Anti-Malware / Malwarebytes for Windows / Malwarebytes for Mac / Malwarebytes for Android / Malwarebytes for iOS
20 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:21 proprietary no yes yes no yes no US SecureAnywhere AntiVirus / SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus and Complete / SecureAnywhere Mobile
21 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:22 proprietary no yes yes yes yes no RU Dr.Web Security Space / Dr.Web Anti-virus / Dr.Web Anti-virus for Mac OS X / Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux / Dr.Web für Android / Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite
22 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:35 proprietary no yes no yes yes no AT IKARUS anti.virus / IKARUS
23 / 2023-09-21 @ 18:28:01 proprietary no yes yes no yes no JP Trend Micro / Titanium Antivirus Plus / Titanium Internet Security / Titanium Internet Security for Mac / Trend Micro Mobile Security
24 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:40 proprietary yes yes yes yes no no US FortiClient
25 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:44 proprietary no yes no no yes no KR AhnLab V3 Internet Security / AhnLab Mobile Security
26 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:18 proprietary no yes no yes no no IS F-PROT Antivirus
27 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:45:59 proprietary no yes no no yes no AT Emsisoft Anti-Malware / Emsisoft Mobile Security
28 / 2023-09-23 @ 23:20:52 proprietary no yes yes no yes yes US Norton AntiVirus / Norton Internet Security / Norton AntiVirus for Mac / Norton Mobile Security
29 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:57 proprietary yes yes no no no no US Immunet
30 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:46:53 proprietary no no yes no no no US Intego VirusBarrier / Mac Internet Security
31 / 2023-09-24 @ 09:26:29 proprietary yes no no no yes no CN Cheetah Mobile Security Master
32 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:48:07 proprietary no yes yes yes yes no IN Quick Heal Total Security / Quick Heal Total Security for Mac / Quick Heal for Linux
33 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:23 proprietary yes yes yes no yes yes CN 360 Total Security n/a
33 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:06 proprietary no yes yes yes no no UK Sophos Endpoint Security and Control / Sophos Anti-Virus / Sophos EndUser Protection / Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac / Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux / Sophos AntiVirus for Unix n/a
33 / 2023-09-20 @ 19:47:57 open source yes yes no no no no AU ClamWin n/a

Sites excluded from scans

Site owners can ask us to not perform further scans of their sites. For reasons of transparency we archive the result of the last successful scan here.

No sites are excluded from scans at the moment.