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PrivacyScore is in Public Beta since June 8.
We will post updates on Twitter. Note that it is not possible to edit lists at the moment. Feel free to create a new list and inform us so that we can delete the previous version.

Lists in the Spotlight

We present selected lists of websites that have been added to PrivacyScore.
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A list with all Free and Open Source Projects having a stand at FOSDEM, Europe's biggest Free Software conference.
Active GNU/Linux distributions
Active GNU/Linux distributions
A list of Free and Open Source distributions which are actively developed according to
German Health Insurers
German Health Insurers
This list contains the home pages of the largest private and public health insurers.
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Create your own list
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What is PrivacyScore?

PrivacyScore is an automated website scanner that allows you to investigate Websites for privacy and security issues. You can scan individual websites, or enter a list of related websites to see how they compare against each other.

What PrivacyScore is not

The tests carried out by PrivacyScore have been tested extensively. However we consider most them to be unreliable at the moment.

At the moment, PrivacyScore can only report on technical security and privacy measures that can be analyzed automatically. In particular, we do not analyze privacy policies, whether informed consent was obtained, etc. This may change in the future.

Our Current Checks

Our beta release of PrivacyScore reports on four types of issues. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

  • Tracking and Privacy Checks test if the website is tracking you, or allowing others to do so.
  • Website Encryption tests check if the webserver offers HTTPS connections, and how securely they are configured.
  • Web Security Checks test if the website has any obvious security flaws.
  • Mail Encryption is often overlooked. PrivacyScore checks whether the mail servers of a website support state-of-the-art transport encryption.

The PrivacyScore Vision

We want to offer users, activists, data protection authorities, and data protection officers an easily accessible and flexible tool to assess the security and privacy measures of websites. PrivacyScore allows its users to

  • determine whether best practices in security and privacy protection techniques are implemented
  • assess how a website ranks within its peer group
  • aggregate results according to site attributes (such as: country or funding source)
  • influence the ranking according to their own preferences