JSON result object for "http://bmoharris.com/"

Note: This is not a stable API during the beta. Providing highlighted JSON instead of raw JSON data is therefore intentional.

  "web_has_protocol_tls1": false,
  "final_url": "https://www.bmoharris.com/main/personal",
  "web_has_hpkp_header": false,
  "cname_records": [],
  "web_has_protocol_sslv3": false,
  "mx_locations": [],
  "a_locations": [
  "web_ciphers": {},
  "web_has_hsts_preload_header": false,
  "mx_a_records": [],
  "web_has_protocol_tls1_3": true,
  "web_has_hsts_header": false,
  "web_vulnerabilities": {
    "lucky13": {
      "finding": "potentially vulnerable to LUCKY13, uses cipher block chaining (CBC) ciphers with TLS. Check patches",
      "severity": "LOW",
      "cve": "CVE-2013-0169"
    "breach": {
      "finding": "BREACH: potentially VULNERABLE, uses gzip HTTP compression.  - only supplied '/' tested ( Can be ignored for static pages or if no secrets in the page)",
      "severity": "HIGH",
      "cve": "CVE-2013-3587"
  "a_records_reverse": [
  "web_has_hsts_preload": false,
  "mx_has_ssl": false,
  "web_has_ssl": true,
  "leaks": [],
  "web_has_protocol_tls1_2": true,
  "web_cert_trusted": true,
  "web_ssl_finished": true,
  "final_https_url": "https://www.bmoharris.com/main/personal",
  "web_cert_trusted_reason": "",
  "web_has_protocol_tls1_1": false,
  "mx_records": [],
  "a_records": [
  "web_pfs": true,
  "reachable": true,
  "mx_ssl_finished": true,
  "final_url_is_https": true,
  "mx_a_records_reverse": []